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You will have an appointment with your physician to discuss surgery, its risks and expected outcomes. Discuss with your physician recovery expectations and any concerns that you may have. Once the decision for surgery has been made, a surgical coordinator will contact you within 72 hours following your appointment.

Most surgical facilities require an in-person pre-op appointment or phone call prior to your surgery date. This is to review past medical histories, current medications and review any current health issues.



If you are scheduled as an out-patient, you will go home the same day of surgery. Following your procedure you will be taken to recovery in which you will be monitored by the nursing staff. You may feel sleepy, dizzy or forgetful from the medication given to you during your surgery. You will have to meet certain discharge criteria before discharge. You must have someone to drive you home and you should follow your post operative instructions given to you in your pre operative folder.

If you are scheduled as an inpatient, you will be transferred to hospital room after your recovery period.

Before your discharge, your nurse will go over any special instructions given by your physician and you may be given prescriptions at this time. Be sure to have someone drive you home. Your activity after surgery depends on your procedure. Follow your post operative instructions given to you.